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2017 Polk County Revaluation Property Assessments – FYI

2017 Polk County Revaluation Property Assessments – FYIApr 18, 2017

Polk County 2017 Revaluation

  • The assessor’s primary responsibility is to estimate the fair market value of your property as of January 1st
  • Iowa law requires assessors to revalue property every odd-numbered year (i.e., 2013, 2015, 2017)
  • 2017 is a revaluation year – all parcels will be revalued this year
  • Following is the average increase for each class of property:
    • Residential 8.2%
    • Commercial/Industrial 8.5%
    • Multiresidential 10.7%
    • Agricultural -2.3%
  • The changes on individual properties will vary based on location and other physical factors – some will be less and some will be more than the average
  • Property taxes based on the 2017 assessment will be due September 2018 and March 2019
  • Approximately 177,000 assessment notices were mailed on March 30th
  • Property owners have a right to protest the valuation determined by the assessor
    • If you believe the assessment is either inaccurate or unfair, you can file a protest
    • April 2nd thru April 30th dates you can file a protest with the assessor each year
      • April 30th is on a Sunday so May 1st is the deadline this year
    • Protests can be filed in person, by mail (postmarked by May 1st), by fax machine, or by email to polkweb@assess.co.polk.ia.us
    • You may request an informal review of your assessment with the assessor April 2nd thru April 25th
    • The Board of Review meets during the month of May to consider protests and will notify the property owner of their decision when they adjourn – session will be extended to July 15th unless Board completes their work earlier
  • If you disagree with the local Board of Review’s decision, you can appeal the Board of Review’s decision to:
    • Property Assessment Appeal Board, or
    • District Court of Polk County
  • Call the assessor’s office if you have any questions 286-3014
  • For general and summary information regarding the 2017 revaluation, click on ‘2017 Revaluation
  • For specific information on your property, click on ‘Investigate Your Assessment
  • Type in your address
  • Use the various tools to evaluate your assessment