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Fall Clean Up In Your Yard

Fall Clean Up In Your YardSep 11, 2017

LEAVES – Nature’s Natural Fertilizer

Leaves are nature’s way of providing nutrients for your lawn and garden. Chopped leaves feed the soil. The job takes little time and the materials are free.  A mulching-type lawn mower will chop the leaves which you will need to leave over winter.  You can leave ½ inch to 1 inch of chopped leaves on the grass.  Just be sure some grass blades are sticking up above the mulch.  The mulch will settle down in a few weeks.  The organic material settles into the soil under the turn and causes a microbial population explosion, which reduces soil compaction, improves water storage, and leads to better drainage.  Perhaps most important , these microbes are producing food for the grass plants all the way into early next summer, reducing fertilizer needs.

If you have a huge amount of leaves or you choose not to mulch, please remember not to blow the leave into the street where they can clogged the storm sewers.


 Residents have two more Saturdays to drop off brush on October 7th and November 4th . Residents disposing of brush can enter through the north gate of the Altoona Aquatics Park (located at 1200 Venbury Dr.) and south of the Altoona Skateboard Park.  Please have information identifying you as a City of Altoona resident ready when you drop off brush.  The brush pile is open from 8:00am to 12:00pm.  Please contact Rob Taylor at 515-967-2734 with any questions.