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Winter in Altoona

Winter in AltoonaDec 12, 2018


The snow removal parking ban is in effect from October through may or anytime snow and/or ice removal efforts are required. When weather forecast predicts weather conditions that will require enforcement of the parking ban, a notice will be published on the City of Altoona’s and/or Altoona Police Departments Facebook and Twitter pages.


All sidewalks adjacent to your property are your responsibility.  All complaint calls will be referred to the Building Department for follow-up and code enforcement. Snow placed on sidewalks by City plows where the sidewalk meets the street is the responsibility of the property owner to remove.  City snowplows will not clear private driveways except under emergency conditions and with the approval of the supervisor.  The snow placed in your driveway by the city plows is your responsibility to remove.  Please do not move snow from your driveway into the street.

Clean around fire hydrants in your yard, so the Fire Department may have easy access to your hydrant in case there is a fire in your neighborhood.  Please try and keep your driveway and approach to your house clear in case the police or fire personnel need to respond to your home.

Clean around mailboxes and be sure the mailboxes are properly installed behind the curb line to withstand snow clearing efforts by the City.  The City assumes NO responsibility for mailboxes damaged during snow removal.


City of Altoona attempts to remove all snow from all streets in a reasonable amount of time following a snow event. The first priority is to get the arterial streets cleared and maintained to provide access for the public, police, fire and rescue units.

Sand, salt, and liquid de-icers are used to maintain the roads during winter weather events. Please maintain a safe following distance of at least 50 feet from all snow removal equipment.

Streets may be temporarily closed if they become impassible due to automobile accidents or stranded automobiles. City roads will be cleared only if city equipment can safely push the snow without hitting vehicles parked in the street. Cul-de-sacs will not be cleared if garbage and recycling toters are placed in the city street. The roads will be cleared when the obstructions are removed either by the owners or towed at the owner’s expense.


The City of Altoona relies on our residents to let staff know of safety concerns created by weather conditions, snow removal operations, water main breaks, potholes, etc. If you have a concern, please contact City Hall at 967-5136 (Monday—Friday; 8am—4:30pm) or 967-2734  (during off hours and weekends).


The City of Altoona does clear the snow off of the trails during winter.  We do not treat the trails with salt or sand.  The trails are cleared last following the city facilities’ sidewalks and parking lots.  Many communities close all trails during winter months but we want ours to be open for use.  Please enjoy the trails but be cautious of the weather conditions.


Maintain your sidewalks and driveway by removing snow and ice.  If you do require an emergency response, a cleared approach to your door will be the safest route for the emergency responders and you.  Maintain your outdoor lights to illuminate your numerical house numbers.  If you call ‘911’ for an emergency response, turn your lights on to make it easier and faster for responders to find your residence.


Please remember that your garbage and recycling toters must be accessible 18 inches from the curb.

Your clean driveway approach may be the best option during heavy snow times.

Please do not place your toter on City streets.  City snowplows can not clear snow properly when toters are placed on city streets.  This is especially true in cul-de-sacs which are impossible to plow if toters are place in the road.


 The only recreation allowed on ponds maintained by the City of Altoona at any point in the year is fishing from the shore.