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New Home Residential Tax Abatement

New Home Residential Tax Abatement

Altoona’s Urban Revitalization Plan pertaining to residential tax abatement is as follows:

            New Residential Construction – all qualified real estate assessed as residential property is eligible to receive a one hundred percent (100%) exception from taxation on the first $75,000.00 of actual value added by the improvements.  This exemption is for a period of five years.  The lot must be in an approved subdivision, the new home is required to be owner-occupied, and if the property is within a plat approved after December 31, 2006, the lot may be required to have two hardwood trees for tax abatement eligibility.

Example:  A new home is assessed at $200,000.00 by the Polk County Assessor.  After abatement is applied, the assessment is reduced to $125,000.00 for taxation purposes.  The $75,000.00 reduction in assessed valuation is constant for five tax years.   

            Residential Improvement – A home improvement that increased the property assessment, as determined by the Polk County Assessor, by ten percent or more, that portion of the increased assessment, up to a maximum of $75,000 is eligible for a five-year tax abatement.

Contact:  Altoona Building Department – 515-957-5128

Please refer to the Polk County Assessor’s website for additional information: Urban Revitalization Tax Abatement