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2017 Altoona Water Quality ReportJun 7, 2018


The sewer rate per 1,000 gallons from $7.33 to $7.62 effective January 1, 2018. This increase was planned to cover debt service costs related to the WRA and the City’s capital projects planned.

How to avoid and detect Elder fraudDec 12, 2017

The Police Department is providing this link with information about how to avoid and detect Elder fraud.  As Christmas season approaches there are more opportunities with family around to talk about this topic. This is provided as an information piece only and as a way to learn more about the topic.  As always, be careful […]

Help our community with this short on-line surveyNov 27, 2017

The City of Altoona is exploring ways to stimulate community engagement through public art and cultural programming. Consultants have been engaged to work with the community to form a vision and plan for cultivating engaging and memorable spaces to work and play in Altoona. Public art and cultural programming will generate a new form of […]

Fall Clean Up In Your YardSep 11, 2017

LEAVES – Nature’s Natural Fertilizer Leaves are nature’s way of providing nutrients for your lawn and garden. Chopped leaves feed the soil. The job takes little time and the materials are free.  A mulching-type lawn mower will chop the leaves which you will need to leave over winter.  You can leave ½ inch to 1 […]

END OF SUMMER REMINDERS – Swimming Pools & SpasAug 28, 2017

SCAM ALERT – Medical Alert BraceletsAug 29, 2017

SCAM ALERT – The City has been notified of a telephone scam offering a free Medical Alert Bracelet.  The caller is stating they are from the “City of Altoona” and with the Fire Station.  This is not true.  Neither the City nor the Fire Department are offering Medical Alert Bracelets.  If you do happen to […]

IS IT TREATED?May 9, 2014

There is a common misconception about the municipal storm drain system.  There are two underground pipe systems that carry water away.  The first is the sanitary sewer for waste that is sent to a treatment facility, cleaned to meet strict EPA standards and released back to the water supply system.  The second is the storm […]

City of Altoona – Selling Surplus InventoryApr 1, 2016

The City of Altoona is selling surplus inventory on the internet. For great bargains visit: www.publicsurplus.com FREE access for the public.  Only public institutions sell their items on this site.

City of Altoona – Customer Service SurveyJan 17, 2014

Take a few minutes and complete a survey that shares about your recent interaction with any of the city departments. Please return the completed survey to City Hall at 407 8th St. SE, Altoona, IA 50009. You will also find paper copies of the surveys available when you visit City Hall, Library, Building Department, Fire […]