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Sidewalk Repair Guide

Sidewalk Repair GuideMay 8, 2018

Some sidewalks in Altoona have been marked with spray paint recently. In order to provide a safer, more accessible community, the City of Altoona has been marking defective sidewalks.  If your sidewalk has been marked, you will be receiving a letter in the mail. This letter will outline your specific sidewalk issue and give you an allotted time period to correct it. For tips on how to correct your sidewalk, please visit our Sidewalk Repair Guide.

Please note, for minor repairs that do not require replacing the panel, a permit is not required. If you are replacing the sidewalk panel, a permit must be obtained. Since this is a required program, the City is waving the permit fees. A homeowner may do work at their own home, however, any contractor must be licensed by Iowa Workforce Development. The permit application for repairing your sidewalk is located here.

Applications may be mailed to: City of Altoona, Attn: Building Dept., 407 8th Street SE or hand delivered to the Building Department at 1504 8th Street SW. If you have any questions, please call the Building Department at 515-957-5128.