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New Countywide Automated Notification System

New Countywide Automated Notification SystemSep 19, 2022

For Immediate Release
Date: September 19, 2022
Contact: Tracey L. Bearden, 911 Coordinator
Phone: 515.286.2107
Email: tracey.bearden@polkcountyiowa.gov

The Polk Emergency Management Commission Replaces CodeRED with Polk County/Alert Iowa
The Polk County Emergency Management Commission along with the three Public Safety Answering
Points (PSAPs) serving the Polk County 911 Service Area are proud to announce the transition from the
CodeRED emergency notification system to Polk County/Alert Iowa emergency notification system.

The new system will allow us to send messages to users more efficiently and uniformly when time is
vitally important to the safety and/or welfare of the users of the system. By opting-in to receive alerts,
users will receive a message via phone, text and/or email in the case of an emergency or severe weather.
Messages may be sent in instances of (1) Environmental and Natural Disasters, (2) Search and Rescue, (3)
Crime, (4) Man-Made Disasters, and (5) Public Works emergencies. Users can customize what alerts they
receive by enrolling online.

To ensure the transition to the system is inclusive to all users who live, work, or visit the Polk County 911
Service area, we are working with partners in the community to assist in promoting the new program.


Registration for Polk County/Alert Iowa is currently active. Please scan the QR code above to learn more
about the program, and to opt-in for emergency alerts. The full transition from CodeRED to Polk
County/Alert Iowa is planned for October 19, 2022 at noon when a test of the emergency alerting system
will occur.

Preparedness activities occur before an emergency strikes, so please take the time to opt-in for emergency
alerts by scanning the QR code above or texting PolkIA to 672-83 to opt-in for alerts.