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Wastewater Department

Wastewater Department

Emergency AFTER HOURS phone number: 515-967-4464

Water Utility Billing questions, please contact Amy Willem at 515-967-5136 or utilitybilling@altoona-iowa.com

The Altoona Wastewater Department is responsible for the collection and treatment of all wastewater in the Altoona service area.

You may ask, “as an Altoona resident what does this mean to me?” For one thing, it means if you are in the Altoona’s service area and experience a problem with your drains, you may call and receive a free inspection from the City Wastewater Department Staff to help you identify the problem. Most problems are in the home and are the homeowner’s responsibility to repair.

A City problem can affect more that one resident and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. The faster a problem is identified the sooner it can be rectified, so when you have drain issues call 967-4464 or 710-7448 first.

Altoona Sanitary Sewer Connection Fee Districts Map