Townsend Park Watershed Improvements

Townsend Park Watershed Improvements
Phases 1-3

Project Updates


Phase 1 of this project is in the early stages of construction. The contractor, Granite Excavating, has begun work on removals. Trail closures are in effect now, and construction safety fencing will be installed along the perimeter of the project soon.

City workers will be on site removing the last of the trees slated to come out. The contractor will follow them with stump removals.

Construction work has begun. This work will include removals of tree stumps and concrete.

Traffic Impact
All trails within the project limits has been closed and will remain closed until the project is complete in early September. This is for the safety of trail users.


Project Overview

This project aims to improve the speed with which waster is conveyed to Townsend Pond from the neighborhoods upstream. This will help reduce flooding and water flowing outside of easements.

Phase 1 is located within the greenbelt located upstream from Townsend Park Pond, between 19th St SW and Stonegate Ct SW.
Phase 2 is located in and around the Townsend Park Pond Forebay.
Phase 3 is located in and around Townsend Park Pond.

Townsend Park Watershed Improvements

Townsend Park was acquired by the City of Altoona along with the old Townsend Family home in 2018. The home is in the process of being renovated into the City’s Senior Center. The pond and surrounding green space will become a City park. Before it can become a park, however, some improvements need to be made to the pond, its forebay, its dam, and the upstream storm sewer system. These improvements will be split into 3 phases, the first of which will begin spring of 2023.

  • Phase one improvements will include upsizing of upstream storm sewer pipes located in the green space south of 19th St SW and Stonegate Ct SW as well as adding a large culvert under 6th Ave SW. This phase will also include improvements to the pond located to the east of the east Stonegate Ct SW cul-de-sac and it will convert the existing dam overflow from a pipe to an earthen spillway. The focus of this phase of the project is to prevent water from pooling on private property outside of existing stormwater flowage easements during storm events and to prevent flooding of homes should a 100-year storm event occur.

  • Phase two will include the dredging and armoring of the Townsend Pond forebay, which functions as a silt trap to prevent silt from entering the main pond.

  • Phase three will include the expansion and dredging of Townsend Pond and repairs to the dam.

Phase 1 will begin construction in early 2023.
Phases 2 and 3 will follow in subsequent years.


Expected Traffic Impacts

Road Closures
Phase 1 will close a small segment of 6th Ave SW later this year.
Phases 2 and 3 will not involve any road closures.

Detour Routes
The detour routes are TBD.

Lane Closures

Sidewalk & Trail Closures
All sidewalks and trails within the project area will be closed until construction is complete.

Public Information & Notifications

Public Information Meetings
If you would like to receive regular project updates via email, please contact Dakota Taylor at to be added to the list.

Point of Contact
Questions regarding this project should be directed to:
Dakota Taylor
515-967-5136 ext. 197