Emergency Medical Services

Our staff and providers, working in conjunction with our medical director, work each day to support the Mission and Vision of the Altoona Fire Department by providing both Basic and Advanced Life Support emergency medical services to the citizen and visitors of Altoona.  Enjoying a rich history that begins with the formation of the department in 1957, with steady improvements of services from Basic Life Support providers in the beginning to offering Advanced Life Support and Paramedic level services in the 1990’s by some of the first paramedics to serve in the Des Moines metro area, the department works continuously to meet the needs of our community.

Currently our staff and providers utilize 3 ALS ambulances, 1 ALS fire apparatus, and a variety of support vehicles in responding to the needs of our community.  Utilizing a combination of platforms, the department provides continuing medical education and process improvement to ensure we are effective, efficient, and courteous in the delivery of services.  We enjoy a strong working relationship with our Medical Director, Dr. Myles Kawamura, and this partnership allows for the creation of procedures and protocols that meets the needs of the department and incorporate the latest in emergency medical care advancements.

Deputy Chief

The Emergency Medical Services Division (EMS) is currently lead by Deputy Chief Jay Pratt.  Deputy Chief Pratt began his Fire and EMS career in 2006 and joined the Altoona Fire Department in 2016.  Deputy Chief Pratt holds a variety of certifications and endorsements in both Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services.  Chief Pratt is an active member of several EMS focused professional organizations including NREMT, NAEMT, and NAEMSP.  Deputy Chief Pratt received his Bachelor’s Degree from Buena Vista University in Business Management (2005).

If you have questions concerning a Fire or EMS invoice or you need to make a payment, please contact Janice Rounds or Vicki Herold at (515) 967-7831.

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