Mobile Food Vendors

The City of Altoona requires all mobile food vendors to obtain a yearly permit. Approved vendors must display their permit in full view of the public.

Vendors can apply for a permit using the following link.
Mobile Food Vendor Application

Use the link below to access a checklist of food truck safety regulations.
Food Truck Safety

List of Permitted Vendors
The following list includes all the mobile food vendors currently permitted within the City of Altoona.

  • Beans and Beignets, LLC
  • Best Spudz
  • Briana’s Inspired Creations
  • Brick and Ember Pizza Company
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Hot off the Presses
  • Hungry Boys Taqueria
  • Iceskimo Snow, LLC
  • Iowa’s Classic Concessions
  • Kasswagen
  • Liza’s Sushi and More
  • Lou-Lou B’s
  • Mala’s Kitchen, LLC
  • Momma Moody’s Grinders
  • Mojo’s Grinders
  • Ninas Tacos
  • Reese’s Roadside Eats and Treats
  • Roadside Tacos
  • Rok the Wok
  • Tacos Don Juan, LLC
  • Tacos Way
  • The Eggroll Ladies
  • Whip Delight
  • Zaika Express