Commercial Storm Water

Developers and homebuilders are both required to obtain COSESCO permits, prior to beginning construction.

Developers can apply with this fillable PDF:  COSESCO Permit form

Homebuilders can apply through the Community Development Permit Portal here.

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Post Construction Stormwater Practices
The City Ordinance Chapter 149 requires the property owner to inspect and maintain the privately owned stormwater facilities and best management practices, such as detention and retention basins, grass swales, buffer strips, bio-retention, and other similar types of infiltration basins and riparian areas that convey drainage through the property. 

 “It shall be the property owner’s duty to ensure that the site is periodically inspected and maintained in accordance with the approved Post Construction Storm Water Management Plan (PCSWMP).   Periodic inspections shall be completed as needed and in no case less than one (1) time per year.  Inspection shall be documented and shall be retained by the property owner for at least three (3) years.  Copies of the inspection documentation shall be made available to the City upon request.”   

~ Section 149.07

A sample inspection form can be found here:

Post Construction Inspection