New Utility Customers

Residential Customers
New residents who move into the City of Altoona will need to complete a utility application. Click the link below to apply:
Residential Utilities Application

At the time of starting service a $100.00 deposit will be required. The deposit is held on file for a period of 12 monthly payment cycles and then refunded back against the water bill. If you receive a red tag (delinquent water bill) during this time, the deposit will continue to be held until 12 monthly payment cycles have passed without a red tag. If you would move out within the first year, or have a deposit on file, the deposit will be applied to your final water bill.

The City of Altoona bills for water, sewer, garbage and recycling on each monthly bill for residential customers. 

Commercial Customers
New business owners that will require water need to complete the commercial utility application. Click the link below to apply:
Commercial Utilities Application

Electric, Gas, and Internet
Electric, gas, and internet services are provided by private utility companies. Click the links below to learn more:
 Electric & Gas                Internet

Residents planning to leave for an extended period of time may request to have their water service turned off at the stop box (the street). Upon returning, a $25.00 reconnect fee will be charged and garbage, recycling, and storm water fees will be billed for the months that the resident was gone. To avoid accidental flooding, someone must be present at the property when the water service is reconnected.

Residents may prefer to leave their service on while away. We bill a minimum service charge for each month with no gallons of water used.

Learn More
You can learn about services, rates, billing schedule, late fees, and more on the utility billing homepage.

Utility Billing