Irrigation Meters

Unlike private water services, sanitary sewer service lines do not have meters to track usage. Because of this, the simplest way for the City to calculate sanitary sewer usage is to use the same number of gallons as the water meter. Since most water used in a household ends up in the sewers, this a fairly accurate method of measure.

However, water used outdoors for irrigation purposes ends up in the ground, not in the sanitary sewers. In order to avoid being overcharged on their sewer fee, homeowners have the option of installing a second water meter for their irrigation lines. Water used through an irrigation meter is charged the same rate as a regular water meter, but it is not included in the sanitary sewer rate.

The cost of a water meter depends on which size of meter is used:

3/4-inch meter                  $130.00

1-inch meter                      $230

In addition, most homes require some plumbing work prior to installing an irrigation meter. Whether a contractor is performing the plumbing or a homeowner is doing it themselves, a plumbing permit must be obtained. Permit fees apply.

After plumbing is completed, the irrigation meter is installed by a City employee.


Irrigation meters can be purchased through the Community Development’s Permit Portal. Plumbing permits can also be obtained through the portal.

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