Boards & Commissions

The City of Altoona has many boards and commissions. If you are interested in volunteering for a position on one of Altoona’s Boards or Commissions, please submit our online form for the corresponding board. 

Arts & Culture Commission
The Arts and Culture Commission is dedicated to enhancing the City of Altoona with physical and interactive works of art. The Commission develops our community arts and cultural initiatives to be an impactful experience for residents and visitors.

Board of Adjustment 
The Board of Adjustment is responsible for reviewing conditional use permits, variance applications, and Zoning Ordinance appeals. It provides a way for property owners to legally propose improvements that are currently not allowed under the City’s Zoning Ordinance. 

Library Board 
Public library board has five primary roles:
  • Advocate for the library in the community and advocate for the community as a member of the library board. 
  • Plan for the future of the library. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the library. 
  • Set library policies. 
  • Hire and evaluate the library director. 

Parks Board 

The Parks and Recreation Board assists in overseeing the development and maintenance of the City’s parks and recreational facilities and programs. 

Planning & Zoning Commission 
The Planning & Zoning Commission is responsible for adopting and enforcing zoning rules and regulations.