Public Records

The City of Altoona recognizes the right of the public to access public records maintained by the City in accordance with state law.  The City also recognizes that certain records maintained by the City are not public records or may be exempt from public disclosure and that a request to access public records may require a balance of the right of the public to access the records, individual privacy rights, governmental interests, confidentiality issues, and privilege issues.  Additionally, when the City responds to requests to inspect or copy records, costs are incurred by the City. 

This policy is adopted to balance these competing interests, to establish an orderly and consistent procedure for responding to public records requests and to support the adoption of a fee schedule designed to reimburse the City for the actual costs incurred in responding to public records requests.

Police Records Request
Records requests can be made online here:

Police Records Request

Alternately, you can contact the Records Division of the Police Department at (515) 967-5132 (press 3 when prompted) or come by the Police Department (900 Venbury Dr., Ste. B) between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. It is recommended to call in advance to verify a report is completed and available. Printed case reports are $5.00 (cash or check). Should you need other media (video, photos, etc.), the cost varies. Call for details.

Please contact for more information.

Medical Records Request
You can request medical records online here:

Medical Records Request

For medical records requests, please fax your request with a signed medical release to (515) 967-7146.

If you have further questions or concerns, please call (515) 967-7831.

City Records Request
Public records requests / FOIA requests can be submitted online here:

Public Records Request

For further information, please contact the City Clerk’s office at (515) 967-5136.