The Parks Department is responsible for maintaining Altoona’s parks, trails, and publicly owned greenspaces. This includes more than 73 acres of land, 30 miles of trail, and a total of 55 parks throughout Altoona.

The department is overseen by the Public Works Director. The Parks Supervisor is in charge of daily activities, and the Parks Board assists in advising the development and maintenance of the City’s parks.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Parks Department is to maintain, improve, and plan for city parks and trails and to be stewards of the city’s natural resources for the enjoyment and health of Altoona residents.


  • Maintain and improve the city parks, trails, and facility grounds.
  • Plan for and develop future parks and trails.
  • Monitor and maintain the health of the city’s urban forest, prairie, and waterways.
  • Maintain and develop the city tree nursery.
  • Assist other city departments as needed.