Residential Tree Program

Each year in recognition of Arbor Day, the City of Altoona provides a limited number of trees for residents to purchase at a reduced cost. Trees are sold for $30 each on a first-come first-serve basis, with a limit of two trees per household. Typically, four (4) different varieties of trees are offered. The options vary each year. Any trees leftover at the end of the program are planted in Altoona parks.

Purchasing Trees
Applications for the Residential Tree Program are only accepted during a limited window of time. The program typically begins in March, with announcements preceding the opening date. Keep an eye out in February for the annual announcement, which will include information on how to sign up and purchase a tree.

“Trees Please” Grant
To help offset the cost of purchasing these trees, the City of Altoona receives some financial assistance from MidAmerican Energy’s “Trees Please!” Program. The program aims to increase energy efficiency through windbreaks and shade. You can learn more about the “Trees Please!” Program here.

If you have questions about the Residential Tree Program, contact the Parks Supervisor.

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