Water Service Line Inventory

Because of a federal mandate, the City of Altoona needs to take an inventory of all service pipes and lines in Altoona before fall 2024. This inventory will help identify any potential lead service lines for replacement. Postcards were mailed to property owners in January 2024, instructing recipients to complete a survey to help identify if there are lead service lines in their home. Follow-up communications were sent to the homes where staff needed to conduct an inspection because our records of the service line materials are incomplete. Please note that receiving a postcard, or a follow up letter does not mean that there are lead service lines in your home. However, staff will need to analyze the service lines and water meter in your home to verify that lead service lines are not in use.

Beginning in March 2024, city staff will be contacting the residents in the remaining homes to schedule an inspection of the service lines in their home. While staff inspect these homes, they will also replace outdated water meters as needed. The inspection and water meter swaps will both be done at no additional cost to the homeowner.

Residents can schedule their own inspection or ask Altoona City Staff questions about this process by calling 515-957-5120 or emailing utilitybilling@altoona-iowa.com.